Saturday, 7 August 2010

James at the TATE Britan museum

Today was another wonderful (but challenging) supervised contact day, of two hours, with my son James. First we went to HMS Belfast's souvenir shop so that my son could chose something for himself to buy from his pocket money. He chose to buy a battleship.

Next, we went to the nearest McDonald's and then on to the TATE BRITAIN museum. At the Tate Britain, my son took lots of photographs of the Harrier and Jaguar aircrafts, which were on display.

My son was disappointed that he could not take part in the childrens activity of building the aircrafts, as we had arrived at the museum too late.

Today, my son cried in the car on the way home and wanted to be especially close to me, and snuggled up close to me in the vehicle on the way home.

Times like today are particularly hard for me, as the mother of a child in looked after foster care, as I so want to comfort my son and have just two hours to try to make things okay. Today, I am lucky, I know that I will be seeing him again at his Social Service's review this Tuesday. Usually, I see my son once a fortnight.

I know that my son is now eleven years old, and will be in Secondary school this September, but to me he is still my baby. And I still remember that it is my severe and enduring mental health issues that has bought about this situation.