Friday, 28 August 2015

But For The Grace Of God

Thank You Jesus


Hear Hear!

Grateful & So Blessed. Just for Today, I am going to relax in bed and meditate and reflect on the quote 'You've Never Had It So Good' by Harold Macmillan. Past Conservative Prime Minister 

Running The Economy

Grateful & So Blessed. Today it is my day off and Just For Today, I have been employing an easy does it approach. My course work books 1&2 arrived today and tomorrow I have a Tutorial at the LSE-London School of Economics. Perfect. Thank You Jesus 

Time For Work

Who's Who...


I'm A Mine...

Harold Macmillan

Just For Today, I am to allow the perfect light of exposure to rest on the late Prime Minister Harold Macmillan 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sophie's World

Got these Amazon Kindle books ready to read from my iPhone. Starting with the philosophy book 'Sophie's World'

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Glorious Day

Grateful & So Blessed. Glorious Day. Raining. On the bus, work ward bound. Listening to Haydn in my headphones while reading 'Prince' by Nicolo Machiavelli, on my Amazon Kindle. Perfect. Thank You Jesus 

Yes I Don't Drink

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My Brotherhood

Grateful & So Blessed. Happy to meet with my Order of Women Freemasons. I love my Brotherhood and I am happy at my Lodge: Adelaide Litten No.23

I'm a British Quaker

I am a British Quaker. A member of the Religious Society Of Friends.

British Quakers accept Same Sex Marriage to take place on Their Premise and are registered to marry.

Quakers as a religious society lead anti slavery...

Thank You

The Encyclopaedia Britannica app reveals Roman Catholics recognised Same Sex Marriage. The second thought may have led to the Stonewall riots and AIDS.

God Bless America and the other Countries so far for legalising Same Sex Equal Marriage.

And Thank You Jesus for Prime Minister David Cameron and my beloved Conservative Party for leading the United Kingdom on this most essential Gay Rights Human Rights Legal Equality 


I respect the achievements and legacy  of Harvey Milk

Speeches of Harvey Milk

47 Years Clean & Sober Yesterday

The Lambeth Walk

I Love My 'Coldharbour Ward'

I am a grateful & blessed lesbian 'Tory' Londoner and I love my 'Coldharbour Ward' Lambeth borough with its 2000 Outstanding Police Officers. Thank You Jesus

Francis Bacon No.1

Francis Bacon No.1 & No.2

I am just love both Francis Bacon- the politician and in addition the other one - the artist 

Francis Bacon - Both of them

I just love reading about both Francis Bacon politician and artist

UKIP and the 2015 LONDON LGBT Pride

I Voted For UKIP

...Reclaiming Life

Grateful & So Blessed. Thank You Jesus 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Thank You Jesus

Now Watching

Now watching the film



Happy Birthday William & Stephen

Just for today, I am celebrating the perfect Happy Birthday anniversary of William Wilberforce and Stephen Fry. Thank You Jesus 

Seeking God's Will

Grateful & So Blessed. Just For Today - Seeking God's Will, for the perfect  'Happy Birthday' anniversary of William Wilberforce. Thank You Jesus