Saturday, 28 May 2011


Today I had a supervised contact with my beloved son James. Today's session was supervised by Joyce.

Today we went to Websters in Brixton SW9. Gap kids on Regent Street W1. Hamleys on Regent Street W1 and McDonald's on Oxford Street W1.

It was lovely to see my son and we cuddled a lot. I also tickled him.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Prime Minister David Cameron

When I rang my son James on Tuesday 17th May 2011, he told me that he met and shook hands with Prime Minister David Cameron last Tuesday at his school. My son was delighted about this fact.

Yesterday, Thursday 19th May 2011, I, myself again met Prime Minister David Cameron - The first time was, January 21st 2009, when he signed his pledge to help to end Mental Health Stigma and discrimination.

This photograph of me with Prime Minister David Cameron was taken yesterday at the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster.

I have sent my beloved son a copy of the above photograph via his foster mother.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Today, my son James and I were supervised by Joyce. This was the first time that my son and I have seen each other since going to the London City Airport, in April.

First, we went swimming at Brixton Recreation Centre. My son loved it. He commented that we hadn't been swimming together for quite a while.

Then, we went to fit James for a pair of black jeans, for him to wear to his church. He is now a 28 waist and 30 length.

Next, we went to Webster, a Clarke shoe shop. I have been having James' feet measured and buying his footware from Webster's, on Brixton Road, since he was a one year old. James is now a size 6E.

We then had our usual McDonald's. James ordered a Big Mac. This is the second time that my son has ordered a Big Mac.

I was late getting James back to his house, this evening.