Monday, 28 January 2013

Thank You, Dame Tessa Jowell MP

  • RE: Please Vote Yes for Equal Marriage‏

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To 'Yvonne Stewart-Williams'
Dear Ms Stewart-Williams,

Thank you for your email about gay marriage.

On the Government’s plans to change the law to support gay marriage - this is an issue which divides opinion within my constituency and amongst the wider public.

I personally support the right of people of the same sex who love each other and who want to commit to each other to make vows to that effect to God. Of course I recognise the enormous benefits of happy loving marriage and the stability that brings for children and family life. But I also recognise the sincerity and depth of the love between so many same sex couples and would not want to deny them the opportunity for that to be fully realised.

When people love each other and want to make a long term commitment, we should welcome and celebrate it. Changing the law to support gay marriage is the right thing to do and is an important way for the state and society to recognise and respect commitment.

Thank you again for getting in touch.

With best wishes,

Tessa Jowell MP

From: Yvonne Stewart-Williams []
Sent: 27 January 2013 20:39
To: JOWELL, Tessa
Subject: Please Vote Yes for Equal Marriage

Dear Dame Tessa,

I am a member of your constituency.

I live at Flat A, 56 Barnwell Road, Brixton London SW2 1PW.

I am a lesbian and would like you as my MP to PLEASE vote YES for Equal Marriage on Tuesday 5th February 2013.

Thanking you in advance

Yvonne Stewart-Williams

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Book Mongers

Today I enjoyed a wonderful Supervised Contact with my beloved son James.

Today we were supervised by Javier.

Today we stayed in Brixton.

We went to McDonald's, then WHSmiths and finally Book Mongers.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Today I had a enjoyable Supervised Contact session with my beloved son James.

Conny supervised today's session.

We went to McDonald's in Brixton, then on the bus to the National Portrait Gallery to view two exhibitions:

The Lost Prince, the life and death of Henry Stuart
TaylorWessing National Photographic Prize Exhibition

Finally we stopped off at Waterstones bookshop and amongst other things I purchased the book: Earthfall by Mark Walden.

My son has recommended that I read Earthfall and he can be heard in the short movie above reading a bit of page eleven.