Saturday, 19 March 2011

Imperial War Museum

Today I had a wonderful supervised contact with my beloved son, at the Imperial War Museum.

It was lovely to just be mum for a few hours and listen to my eleven year old talking to me. I miss him so much, and my world when not with him is mostly made up of adults.

Each time that I meet up with my son, he seems to grow taller, wiser and more mature. I really don't want to miss out on his development, although it is harder for me now in my new full time job to be the parent that I once was. Meaning, I have an enjoyable, though challenging role in my new project worker post and life is less predictable. I.e, I cannot always stick to my end of the bargain and see my son once a fortnight. Then sometimes, I am at work on my break, when I phone him, once a fortnight. My son - luckily for me is very understanding and knows that his mum needs to work.

Today, was very precious for both my son and myself, as the last time I saw him was Saturday 26th February 2011.