• Today
    • 10:00pm
  • Your house / Car / Office / Clever Phone etc for tis a tinternet event & of course God is everywhere!
  • Almost at the end of the first series and we could not ask "Why are we here" without having a little go at cracking this God puzzle.

    CROSS TALK - with guest Yvonne Stewart Williams / civil & gay rights campaigner / Christian & Athiest.

    MUSIC INTERVIEW - with The High Priest - violent comedian

    VOX POPS - ramblings from Londoners tourists and anyone unaware enough to have a mic foisted in their face

    GUEST PRESENTER - George Daniel Lea [yes the show is a kinda hour long miserable corner ]


    Prepare - The Hughmans
    Creationist Cousins - Baba Brinkman
    Evolution - Richard Bastian
    L.I.B.Y.A - High Priest 
    You Gotta Laugh - High Priest
    Dogma - Eastroad
    Love Sweet Love - Frankie Blake 

    Link will be posted to the event on Friday eve but til then here are the previous shows