Monday, 23 May 2016

My Manifesto

What do you think of my manifesto?

As your Norwood Conservative MP
I, Yvonne Stewart-Williams, am a Brixton based, Black lesbian, working class, single mother of a teenaged son.
I work full time for a London based Homelessness Charity, supporting mainly working class people with complex needs of addiction, Criminal Justice System and mental health issues.
In addition I am studying part-time for a Degree with the OU - Open University.
I am a Quaker. I am currently a Quaker Overseer responsible for pastoral care.
I am a Woman Freemason.
I volunteer at the Brixton Soup Kitchen.
I am a Stonewall School Role Model.
I am a Gay Rights Campaigner.
I am a Mental Health Campaigner. I aim to champion:
LGBT Rights,
Looked After, Fostered and Adopted children,
Addiction issues
Criminal justice issues
Mental Health issues
Equality issues – more women MP’s in parliament. And be sympathetic to:
Gay Men with Mental Health issues – establish a cross party partnership to discover ways to help and support gay men to be integrated within society, by taking surveys and creating groups to discuss issues that affect gay and bi males.
Estranged fathers – work to support equality and access to loving productive fathers to their children by revisiting the family court procedure.
Working Class white males – and will work to establish a commission to discover why White Males under achieve at school and are under-represented at University and remedy it. Contact
Text My Mobile Number: 07490 165136.

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