Thursday, 21 January 2016

My Change.Org Petition

Far too many Gay Males are attempting to complete suicide, lack of functional family community involvement, role models and mentors; and isolation due to loss of a loved one, age, stigma and discrimination.

In my Brixton, Coldharbour Ward, London, and nationally; we need confident Openly  Gay males to be visible audible role models and mentors:

sons, brothers, grandsons, nephews, cousins, husbands, partners, carers, uncles,  fathers, neighbours, friends, colleagues, overseers, elders, and associates 

To our community in particular where often positive openly gay male role models are at a minimum and young males and females, as well as the older generation... Would benefit from Gay Males vital contribution

I am the lone lesbian  mother of a heterosexual male teenager, who is an only child and believe my son and I would appreciate the constructive none threatening input openly gay males can provide.

Please create a Gay Male Commission to discover the causes of gay male suicides and ways of including gay in to the lives of the younger and older generation. 

If we lose this campaign the loss would be infinite.

If we win this campaign we create a greater society by fostering an inclusive community starting the family.

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